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About Us

Mrs.Shashi Godbole's 'Laddus' were hot favourite among her clients in the hit movie 'English Vinglish'. May be true in the movie. For most of us, however, 'Ladus' made at home are the best as it is not often that a Marathi family would offer you a 'Ladu' when you visit them. It would be the all time favourite 'Pohe' or "Upma' or home made 'Chivda'. A 'Pedha' from the neighbourhood Halvai shop would take precedence over Laddu if there is Good news to be given to the visitors.

Anyway, away from home town, relatives and friends who would keep you busy attending weddings, birth days and just for nothing parties round the year, in a megalopolis like Delhi the already inward looking Marathi Manoos succumbs to eating non-Marathi food in receptions or parties. There are not many Marathi restaurants in Delhi. Estimates by Maha Govt. officials say there are at least a million- that is ten lakh Marathis in Delhi. Yes, some of the areas have active associations but for Marathi food, one has to look forward to an invitation from a Marathi family.

The idea of coriandered.in (what's in a name?) was born when a visiting Italian friend wanted to taste Marathi food in Delhi when offered to be taken to an Italian restaurant (which are many). There was none in Delhi. He was invited home and enjoyed Marathi food!

Why not? Marathis by nature are accommodative. Not demanding. The bravery was in the battle field during the Maratha rule over Delhi and most of the North. Whether the Maratha left any culinary legacy is a matter of research. Delhi is full of restaurants offering Mughal food. Almost any suburb will have an Anna making hot Idlis and Dosas in a corner.

Here's an effort to make the Marathi Manoos in Delhi taste dishes that he and his family long used to eat. We are in touch with families who would be making these dishes in their home kitchens- Yes! But these will be made only on order which should be given with a reasonable notice. We will soon come with dishes that we plan to be made available- food made in Delhi kitchens and snacks, sweets made in the good old shops back in the home town!!

Happy Eating!!


Vijay Satokar,

A foodie with special love for Marathi food.