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What way to go to Verul...Ellora??

By Vijay Satokar
Apr 29, 2016

 It is simply criminal. As 'aamchidilli' strives to look for tale tell signs of the presence for decades of the mighty Maratha in Delhi and its surroundings back home in modern day Maharashtra, there is criminal apathy on part of everyone towards the state's rich history and heritage. How otherwise one would explain a tiny board on the Pune Aurangabad highway that indicates way to the world famous Ellora caves?

The situation is worse as one leaves Aurangabad wanting to visit Ellora, Aurangzeb's tomb, the Daulatabad fort and looks for some indication to head towards these. There is NONE. One has to go on asking roadside shops for directions. 

The condition of the 500 odd forts that dot the state and that were witness to the heroics of Chhatrapati Shivaji are in dire state and wanting care. What remains are weather beaten walls and ramparts. Nothing else. The mighty cannons are too heavy for thieves who have stolen whatever they can from the forts. The walls need repairs and the massive doors that once withstood marauding armies hung on precariouswly to the walls.

The Archaeological department chages fees to visitors. One wonders where this money goes. If you are a history enthusiast, better visit as many places of historical importance wtihout losing time. It won't be long when one would be able to see only photographs of these monuments that hold in their bossoms the rich history of the Marathas!

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