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Marathas, Shah Valiullah and fall of Mughal empire

By Vijay Satokar
Aug 11, 2016
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 After Aurangzeb’s death Marathas began dominating rulers in Delhi. Historian Sheshrao More says it was Islam scholar Shah Valiullah- the man behind the famous Deband seminary who was unhappy at the rapid rise of the Marathas which he though was detrimental to Islam. It was Shah who wrote to Ahmed Shah Abdali saying Islam was under threat because of rise of Marathas and sought his intervention to save the religion. Panipat followed in 1761 and the Marathas did get jolt of their life. This, however, could not help the Shah realize his dream of Islamisation of Hindustan. Panipat ultimately ended up helping the British gain dominance who in 1803 defeated the Marathas and gained control over Delhi.

 More says that the muslims were realizing that while the Marathas did not interfere with the culture and traditions of the Muslims and were happy with their cut (Chouthai), the same was not the case with the British who imposed their rules and Western culture.

A new book in Marathi- Chhatrapati aani Peshve- by N S Dixit of Nagpur gives a comprehensive history of the Marathas, their rise and fall. The book, however, has sketchy material on the exploits of the Marathas in the North, especially Delhi

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