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A country for everybody..Hemalkasa

By Vijay Satokar
Feb 01, 2018

Last forty years we have not heard of any rape or crime againat a woman. In fact, we have not heard of any theft case too. Pre-marital pregnancy is normal and the pregnant girl doesn't find problem in finding a new husband- the one who has fathered too is ok and so is the husband who has not fathered the child.

The doctor and his wife were telling an audience full of top officers listening in rapt attention. And it was not a story reading session. Dr. Prakash and his wife Dr. Mandakini Amte were not spinning any fiction but talking about a village Hemalkasa, deep in the jungles of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra.

Son of the legendary Baba Amte whose life full of caring for leprosy patients at 'Anandvan',about 200 kms from Nagpur is a story written about and made films on, Dr. Prakash recalled how as children they lived among patients that his lawyer father so tenderely cared. He was a lawyer but felt the need of a doctor who would be in a better position. After becoming a doctor, Prakash and other family members were taken for a picnic still deeper in teh Chandrapur forests. No lights, no streets. No telephone. Only some tribals wearing no clothes who wouldhide in the jungles after seeing these 'aliens'.

"This is the place for you", Baba Amte suggested and Dr. Prakash agreed. He already had made his mind to work there... The Amte couple told their story which the audience nevre wanted to end..


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