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Chapatis don't lie!

By Vijay Satokar
Jul 25, 2014

 Whatever political furor it may have raised and whatever customary condemnation it may have received from pseudo-secularists, the anger that led to Maharashtra Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare to ask manager at the Maharashtra Sadan canteen to eat a rubbery chapati to see for himself the quality, was justified, to say the least. The media gave the incident a twist to make the episode 'tasty'. Mere anger of the MP on quality would make a bland news, to be dismissed. Use of words like 'forcing the manager- who happened to be a Muslim, to break his Roza... made the news juicy.

Ask any Marathi manoos in Delhi and he/she will say without hesitation that the only place one can look for good homely Maharashtrian food is home only. They say the capital has a Maharashtrain population of a million or so. There is no restaurent that offers Marathi food. Eateries offering South Indian food abound. One can eat a wonderful Andhra food in Andhra Pradesh Bhavan. Bong Bhawan can be visited for tasty Bengali cuisine. Go to Gujarat Bhavan if you want  to enjoy Gujarati food. Even Nagaland House offers excellent Naga food and so does Assam--- the list stops at Maharashtra. The old Maharashtra Sadan employed a Punjabi caterer (no fault of his!). He even sent a cook to Kolhapur to get trained in Kolhapuri cuisine. The restaurent menu of eight pages had a small corner offering Maharashtrian food. Agreed, no outside food can match home food but no one looks for really homely food. But something that goes somewhere near what can be termed as Maharashtrian or Marathi food. Not even in Maharashtra Sadan.

Why shouldn't MP Vichare lose his cool?

Title of this blog may sound like the famous Shakira number- Hips don't lie! But chapati or 'poli' or a paratha and why not- a Bhakri sometimes? Maharashtraisn visiting Delhi would be happy to get decent chapati and 'Varaan'  with a 'bhaji' and may give a good tip if a 'koshimbir' is found on the plate.

One only hopes politics apart- the Maha government wakes up and ensures that at least in Maharashtra Sadan one would get good Marathi food!!!


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