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The sunset monument of the Mughals- Delhi's Safdarjung tomb

By Vijay Satokar
Jun 01, 2015

 It is the least visited monuments in the capital although it nestles very much in New Delhi built by the British. The Lodhi period monuments in the nearby Lodi  gardens get visitors- many VIPs included- as they go for their morning walk. The Safdarjung tomb wears a deserted look even on a Sunday when other better known monuments of Delhi are crowded with both foreigners and domestic tourists thronging them.

Safdarjung's tomb belongs to an era when the Mughal empire in India was gasping for survival. The monuments speaks volums of the declining fortunes of the once mighty empire. 

One reason it could not be made as its builder Shujad would have wished his father- Safdarjung's tomb to be was the Marathas. Shah Alam- Rangeela- was the Mughal monarch and enjoying whatever  was left of the empire. Taking advantage Safdarjung became the de facto ruler. Annoyed with his attitude the royal family sought the help of the Marathas who brought Safdarjung to his knees. Shujad, his son had to seek the permission of the Marathas to build a memoriam for his father. The monument was erected but without its frills and grandeur of other Mughal monuments elsewhere. As they ran short of money and material, workers brought material from other monuments in the area to complete the tomb.

As people walk by Safdarjung's tomb ignoring the monument, also taken little note from the pages of history is the fact that the Maratha connection to Delhi's monuments!!!

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