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Marathas, Shah Valiullah and fall of Mughal empire

More says that the muslims were realizing that while the Marathas did not interfere with the culture and traditions of the Muslims and were happy with their cut (Chouthai), the same was not the case with the British who imposed their rules and Western culture.

Marathi Sahitya and Dilli

Efforts are on to provide a forum for these Marathi literatures in the capital. Aamchidilli is coordinating with Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamandal to explore the possibility of Delhi having its own Marathi literary body.

Thanks ABP Maza for hosting Marathis in Delhi!

The channel very well could have organised the programme in Maharashtra.

'Sant Kanhopatra': Celebrating Balgandharva in Delhi

Delhiite Maharashtrians are used to witnessing such mishaps

What way to go to Verul...Ellora??

It is simply criminal. As ''aamchidilli'' strives to look for tale tell signs of the presence for decades of the mighty Maratha in Delhi and its surroundings back home in modern day Maharashtra, there is criminal apathy on part of everyone towards the state''s rich history and heritage.

Does Maharashtra have anyone 'PM Material'? asks Babasaheb Purandare

"Let them (Maharashtrians) first stop fighting among themselves", the nonagenarian historian said adding in the same breath that it was something difficult for the Marathis to achieve.

Patparganj and Marathas

But for this monument which is not known to many there is no sign of the Marathas association with Patparganj. They did not leave any.

The sunset monument of the Mughals- Delhi's Safdarjung tomb

It is the least visited monuments in the capital although it nestles very much in New Delhi built by the British.

WhatApitis hits Dilli's Marathi Manoos

Names differ- from Sahyadri Club to Saoji Katta to DilliVidrbha Elgar... Marathi group etc etc. and there is the usual exchange of jokes that no one knows originate where but are recycled furiously each being touted as the ''latest'' and ''new in market''.

Chapatis don't lie!

Whatever political furor it may have raised and whatever customary condemnation it may have received from pseudo-secularists, the anger that led to Maharashtra Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare to ask manager at the Maharashtra Sadan canteen to eat a rubbery chapati to see for himself the quality, was jus